Ciklum Practice Leaders: "True User Stories in BDD approach"

12.11.2015 19:00

Inviting you to Ciklum Practice Leaders: Management and Communication meetup focused on the implementation of the User Stories technique in Behavior-Driven Development approach. 

Speaker: Vadim Mustyatsa (Agile Coach, Itransition).


Today a distorted understanding and imitative application of the User Stories technique is quite spread in IT-industry, that leads to many problems in the development process, which Vadim deals with as a coach. Most teams (78% according to the “State of Scrum” survey) use Stories as a “lightweight” requirements format completely ignoring the collaborative part of this technique or reducing this part to useless (and often harmful) minimum.

If you want to understand the real essence and purpose of this technique, Vadim invites you to experiment: lets write one of the most famous Russian epic poems “Three trips of Ilya Muromets” using Gherkin language. You will go through all the stages of a User Story in BDD/Scrum process life-cycle  ‒ from the creation of the card to the adaptation after the first delivery.

About the speaker:

Vadim Mustyatsa, Agile Coach, Itransition

Practitioner Agile Analyst, trainer and coach.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) candidate.

Over 8 years of professional experience in the IT sector, the last 3 of which were mainly involved in Agile Software Development projects, gaining more than 5 000 hours of pure practice.

Current field of activity outside the main work in Itransition company – open BDD volunteer projects within #NoBA (Not only business analysis) initiative, which attracted analysts, developers and QA engineers interested in the application of industry best practices to achieve socially useful purposes.

Active speaker at conferences about System Analysis and Agile Software Development.

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Looking forward to seeing you!

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