CTO Gathering

16.12.2015 17:00

CTO Gathering
is a series of events for CTOs, VP. Engineering, Lead Architects, or Tech Leads that are interested in improving their skills and learning from each other. We welcome senior technical people to discuss their issues, meet each other, and share expertise. 
The focus is both on people who are already in CTO / VP Eng roles and people who are on their way there.

As in Minsk there is no events for senior technical people to meet, the goal is to have one to discuss the issues, weather the issues related to management, process or technology.

We’ll meet once in a month and will have a guest speaker on relevant topics, from general topics to technology areas.
Also we’ll include different kind of formats in our meet ups such as talks, panels and lightning talks.

The first invited guest is Peter Molettiere, Director of Engineering at Fitbit.
Peter is currently responsible for agile process implementation for a distributed engineering team of roughly 50 engineers, as well as architectural and technical oversight of all device->site network protocols, data storage for device data, and front end feature development.

To join the event, please, follow the link to apply for registration.

CTO Gathering provides a unique opportunity for senior executives to discuss and debate the technology, trends and innovations shaping the future of business. 
The objective is to help innovators get the most from continual technological change.

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