TeachersTalkShop-Workshop №1

28.11.2015 12:00

Dear corporate English trainers,

Join us to get inspired, do some networking and simply talk shop!


  • Dmitry Baranov

Corporate English Trainer, a toastmaster of 'Speak Up' club

Topic: Using Toastmasters' Principles to Improve Public Speaking Skills

  • Brenna Boettger

CELTA holder, Fullbright English Teaching Assistant at MSLU

Topic: Cross-Cultural Aspects of Teaching English to Russian-Speaking People

  • Clark Erwin-Billones

English Language Fellow at MSLU, Assistant at the US Embassy in Minsk

(English language education programs)

Topic: Endemic Mistakes in Work-Related Correspondence and How to Avoid Them

Register to attend the event! The number of places is limited!

Interested in presenting or organizing the event?

Contact us at teacherstalkshop@gmail.com

The event is non-profitable for both organizers and participants.

Venue+Tea/coffee/cookies kindly provided by Ciklum.

Coordinators: Natalia Koulinkovich and Tatyana Shmanovskaya

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